Slippery Slope Daily Specials

Monday Specials 

$1 Beer

Tuesday Specials 

$2 Off Bottled Cocktails 

Wednesday Specials 

$6 Micheladas & Moscow Mules

Thursday Specials 

$2 All Drafts (7-9pm)
$8 Beer + Shot Combos

Sunday Specials 

$5 Ciders

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Q What is Slippery Slope?

From Scofflaw Group, Slippery Slope fills the Bonny’s-sized hole in Chicagoan’s dance-happy heart. The bar’s cabin-themed dance floor is home to an eclectic mix of DJ sets and live shows ranging from soul and classic rock to punk and rowdy get-downs. Slippery Slope has a little something for everyone, whether your ideal night consists of posting up with a cold beer or playing skee ball and dancing your face off. And of course, it wouldn’t be a bar without booze: cheap hooch, beer and a handful of cocktails-in- bottles (all the thrills with way less spills). The second floor houses The Heavy Feather, an ode to the majestic 1970’s Fern Bar Era.

Q Where is Slippery Slope located?

Logan Square