Pink Taco Happy Hour

Mon – Fri, 4:00pm – 6:00pm


$8 Guacamole
$8 Mini Tacos
$7 Queso Bean Dip
$7 Quesadilla 
$8 Mini Nachos
$9 Chile Poppers


$10 House Margarita
$10 Frozen Margarita
$8 Sangria
$6 Cazadores Silver Shots
$4 Modelo Especial

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Q What is Pink Taco?

Pink Taco simply throws a party every day with amazing food, drinks, rock n' roll and lots of friends. Not just a restaurant, but a destination.
Pink Taco keeps it real and uncomplicated. We serve simple, relevant and venturesome dishes you will crave in a restoring, energized atmosphere filled with great music and people. Our food ranges from light to decadent - never trendy, but constantly inspired, at Pink Taco it is all delicious and memorable.

Q Where is Pink Taco?

River North (Chicago)